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09 Apr 2022
Terminalen - Ålesund, norway
The Waning Pt 1. & 2 The Magpie The United Debased She Left On The Sun Ship Entropy The Transmutation Of Cosmoctopus Lurker Cloudwalker Superstooge At Empire’s End Running With Scissors Spin, Spin, Spin Suite: Little Lucid Moments
04 May 2019
Terminalen - Ålesund, norway
Pills, Powders And Passion Plays Überwagner Or A Billion Bubbles In My Mind The Pilgrim The Other Fool The Alchemyst Lux Aeterna The Crucible Ship Of Fools Feel Psychotzar Hogwash The Tower
20 Sep 2017
Terminalen - Ålesund, norway
Ship Of Fools The Tower The Cuckoo Hell, Part I – III Theme De Yo-Yo Bartok Of The Universe Riding The Tiger Heartattack Mac Lacuna/Sunrise I.M.S. In Every Dream Home Cloudwalker Intrepid Explorer Un Chien D’Espace Feel
15 Apr 2016
Terminalen - Ålesund, norway
The Jig Is Up (Kiss The Snake) S.T.G. Sleepwalking Lacuna/Sunrise Running With Scissors I.M.S. Spin, Spin, Spin Sleepwalking Again Forget It The Magic & The Wonder (A Love Theme) On A Plate Serpentine Sail On Upstairs/Downstairs Cloudwalker Superstooge Junior Feedtime Big Black Dog
14 Jun 2013
Midtsommerjazz - Ålesund, norway
Ratcatcher Orgelfest Themes Tristano Starhammer Kvæstor
20 Mar 1997
Kafe Munken - Alesund, norway
Starmelt/Lovelight Sinful, Wind-Borne Like Always S.T.G. Pills, Powders And Passion Plays Un Chien D’Espace Timothy In The Magic City The Nerve Tattoo The One Who Went Away Summertime Blues Nothing To Say Walking On The Water Hogwash Heartattack Mac The Golden Core
15 Apr 1994
Keiserinnen - Ålesund, norway
Giftland Sheer Profoundity Flesh Harrower Feedtime Kill Some Day Mountain A Shrug & A Fistful Nothing To Say The One Who Went Away Home Of The Brave Grindstone Death Don’t Have No Mercy She Used To Be A Twin
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