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03 May 2022
Faust - Hanover, germany
Whip That Ghost Lady May Suite: Little Lucid Moments Lacuna/Sunrise The Transmutation Of Cosmoctopus Lurker Hell, Part I – III The Waning Pt 1. & 2 I.M.S. Running With Scissors Spin, Spin, Spin The Crucible Like Chrome Fool’s Gold
23 May 2019
Faust - Hanover, germany
In Every Dream Home Überwagner Or A Billion Bubbles In My Mind The Pilgrim The Other Fool Master Builder The Alchemyst Nature’s Way The Crucible Greener Eagle’s Son Spin, Spin, Spin Heartattack Mac Psychotzar 577 Lux Aeterna
11 Nov 2017
Faust - Hanover, germany
A.S.F.E. Mountain In Every Dream Home Pills, Powders And Passion Plays Intrepid Explorer Kill Some Day A Pacific Sonata Bartok Of The Universe The Cuckoo Greener Go To California Ship Of Fools Walking On The Water Spin, Spin, Spin The Tower Vortex Surfer
21 Apr 2016
Faust - Hanover, germany
The Jig Is Up (Kiss The Snake) S.T.G. Serpentine Sail On Sleepwalking Lacuna/Sunrise Running With Scissors I.M.S. Spin, Spin, Spin Sleepwalking Again Upstairs/Downstairs Cloudwalker Superstooge Big Black Dog Watersound Junior Feedtime Here Be Monsters
16 Oct 2011
Musikzentrum - Hanover, germany
Überwagner Or A Billion Bubbles In My Mind Triggerman The Nerve Tattoo Serpentine Whole Lotta Diana Starhammer The Wheel Hallucifuge Mountain Junior Kill Devil Hills The Alchemyst All Is Loneliness Nothing To Say
16 Oct 2001
Faust - Hanover, germany
Coventry Boy Snafu Go To California For Free Drug Thing My Best Friend She Used To Be A Twin Now It’s Time To Skate Pills, Powders And Passion Plays Upstairs/Downstairs The Slow Phaseout I Believe To My Soul Summertime Blues The One Who Went Away Watersound As We Go Along Blueberry Daydream Bedroom Eyes Feel Taifun
23 Aug 2000
Capitol - Hanover, germany
Superstooge Heartbreaker High Time Never Let You Out The Other Fool Whip That Ghost Pills, Powders And Passion Plays Big Surprise Fade To Gray Go To California The Other Other Fool Plan #1 Walkin’ With J. The Witch Black To Comm Taifun
08 May 1998
Faust - Hanover, germany
Radiance Freq. Superstooge S.T.G. Manmower Un Chien D’Espace Feel Evernine The Other Other Fool Psychonaut Coventry Boy Ozone Vortex Surfer
05 May 1997
Café Glocksee - Hanover, germany
Find The Cost Of Freedom Mad Sun Sister Confusion A Shrug & A Fistful Starmelt/Lovelight Superstooge Heartattack Mac True Middle S.T.G. Young Man Blues Walking On The Water Vortex Surfer Dr. Hoffmann’s Bicycle Up Our Sleeves Into The Sun Un Chien D’Espace Timothy In The Magic City
04 May 1997
Café Glocksee - Hanover, germany
Superstooge Sinful, Wind-Borne Like Always S.T.G. Vortex Surfer Un Chien D’Espace Manmower Sideway Spiral II Dr. Hoffmann’s Bicycle Walking On The Water Heartattack Mac Summertime Blues Starmelt/Lovelight Sterling Says Flick Of The Wrist
10 Apr 1996
Café Glocksee - Hanover, germany
The Nerve Tattoo Heartattack Mac True Middle All Is Loneliness S.T.G. The Wheel Greener Nothing To Say Watersound Sinful, Wind-Borne A Shrug & A Fistful Hogwash Junior The One Who Went Away Plan #1 Fool’s Gold
14 Mar 1995
Cafe Glocksee - Hanover, germany
Find The Cost Of Freedom All Is Loneliness Manmower A Shrug & A Fistful Kill Some Day Sister Confusion Watersound Wearing Yr Smell Nothing To Say Hogwash For Mad Men Only S.T.G. The Wheel Feel Now It’s Time To Skate The One Who Went Away Beautiful Sister
20 May 1994
Café Glocksee - Hanover, germany
On My Pillow Another Ugly Tune Junior Hogwash Kill Some Day Plan #1 Beautiful Sister Nothing To Say Raspberry Beret She Used To Be A Twin The Wheel
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