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16 Oct 2019
Conne Island - Leipzig, germany
The Crucible Upstairs/Downstairs Ɯberwagner Or A Billion Bubbles In My Mind The Pilgrim In Every Dream Home Granny Takes A Trip August Mountain On My Pillow Mad Sun Feel Starhammer For Mad Men Only Psychotzar Bonny Lee Walking On The Water The Tower Fool’s Gold
09 Nov 2017
Conne Island - Leipzig, germany
A.S.F.E. Intrepid Explorer In Every Dream Home Greener Sleepwalking Lacuna/Sunrise A Pacific Sonata Mountain Superstooge Ship Of Fools Taifun The Tower Bartok Of The Universe Plan #1 Feel
10 Jun 2014
Conne Island - Leipzig, germany
Feel Babylon Stay Young Now It’s Time To Skate All Is Loneliness Stained Glass The Ocean In Her Eye 577 Whip That Ghost Hell Part, I – VII Ghost Serpentine Sail On Hallucifuge Psychonaut Hyena Hey, Jane Plan #1 Fool’s Gold
19 Apr 2012
Conne Island - Leipzig, germany
Out Of The Woods The Hollow Lands Through The Veil Doldrums Into The Gyre Flotsam Oh Proteus A Prayer Sculls In Limbo La Lethe Oh Proteus A Lament Sharks Mutiny! Into The Mystic The Bomb-Proof Roll And Beyond All Is Loneliness Cornucopia Go To California Burn
07 Jun 2010
Conne Island - Leipzig, germany
The Other Other Fool Vanishing Point Whole Lotta Diana Greener Starhammer The Bomb-Proof Roll And Beyond Year Zero Mad Sun Mountain Hogwash Halleluwah The Golden Core Cornucopia Sparks High Time A Shrug & A Fistful X-3/The Getaway Special Come On In
26 Apr 2000
Conne Island - Leipzig, germany
The Other Fool Never Let You Out Whip That Ghost S.T.G. All Is Loneliness Upstairs/Downstairs Big Surprise The One Who Went Away The Nerve Tattoo Like Always Go To California Walkin’ With J. Plan #1 Heartbreaker Hogwash Shakin’ All Over Summertime Blues Vortex Surfer
09 May 1998
Conne Island - Leipzig, germany
Dr. Hoffmann’s Bicycle Superstooge S.T.G. Un Chien D’Espace Feel Evernine Radiance Freq. The Other Other Fool Young Man Blues Vortex Surfer
31 Mar 1995
Conne Island - Leipzig, germany
Hogwash Blueberry Daydream A Shrug & A Fistful Kill Some Day Heaven & Hell Nothing To Say The Wheel Manmower Feel S.T.G. The One Who Went Away Leave It Like That Beautiful Sister The Golden Core
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