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18 May 2019
Flashback Records - London, united kingdom
Blueberry Daydream With Trixeene Through the Mirror, I Dream with Open Eyes Stardust Bedroom Eyes Nature’s Way Spin, Spin, Spin Eagle’s Son A Pacific Sonata
17 May 2019
229 The Venue 2 - London, united kingdom
Year Zero Triggerman Psychotzar The Promise The Cuckoo The Crucible August A Pacific Sonata Überwagner Or A Billion Bubbles In My Mind The Pilgrim The Other Fool Master Builder The Alchemyst Lux Aeterna
23 Oct 2017
Islington O2 Academy - London, united kingdom
A.S.F.E. Intrepid Explorer In Every Dream Home The Alchemyst Upstairs/Downstairs Ship Of Fools Stained Glass The Tower Bartok Of The Universe The Wheel Plan #1 Pills, Powders And Passion Plays
04 May 2016
Garage - London, united kingdom
Hell, Part I – III Sleepwalking Lacuna/Sunrise Running With Scissors I.M.S. Spin, Spin, Spin Sleepwalking Again S.T.G. Upstairs/Downstairs Cloudwalker On A Plate Big Black Dog Here Be Monsters
28 May 2014
The Jazz Café - London, united kingdom
Cloudwalker The Other Fool The Alchemyst Whip That Ghost The Magic & The Wonder (A Love Theme) On A Plate For Free Hell, Part I – III Ghost Starhammer Hallucifuge Un Chien D’Espace Entropy
12 Apr 2012
The Garage - London, united kingdom
Out Of The Woods The Hollow Lands Through The Veil Doldrums Into The Gyre Flotsam Oh Proteus A Prayer Sculls In Limbo La Lethe Oh Proteus A Lament Sharks Mutiny! Into The Mystic Starhammer Burn
24 Nov 2010
Borderline - London, united kingdom
Year Zero On A Plate Whole Lotta Diana Through The Veil All Is Loneliness Starhammer The Wheel Hogwash Halleluwah X-3/The Getaway Special Hallucifuge
05 Nov 2002
Dingwalls - London, united kingdom
Überwagner Or A Billion Bubbles In My Mind Serpentine Sinful, Wind-Borne Flick Of The Wrist Go To California Superstooge Painting The Night Unreal S.T.G. Custer’s Last Stand (One More Daemon) Neverland Walking On The Water Black To Comm Nothing To Say
15 Apr 2000
Underworld - London, united kingdom
The Other Fool Never Let You Out Whip That Ghost S.T.G. Tristano Upstairs/Downstairs Now It’s Time To Skate Big Surprise Go To California Walkin’ With J. Hey, Jane The Nerve Tattoo Walking On The Water Vortex Surfer
12 May 1999
Camden Underworld - London, united kingdom
Un Chien D’Espace Heartbreaker High Time S.T.G. Psychonaut Feel Big Surprise Hey, Jane All Is Loneliness Superstooge The Wheel Hogwash Young Man Blues Vortex Surfer
06 Jun 1998
The Garage - London, united kingdom
S.T.G. Young Man Blues Superstooge Un Chien D’Espace Evernine The Other Other Fool Walking On The Water Black To Comm Vortex Surfer
05 Jun 1997
The Powerhouse - London, united kingdom
S.T.G. Young Man Blues Starmelt/Lovelight Walking On The Water Hogwash Un Chien D’Espace Heartattack Mac Vortex Surfer The Golden Core
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