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25 May 2008
Rolling Stone - Milan, italy
She Left On The Sun Ship Kill Devil Hills Sail On You Lose Sinful, Wind-Borne Like Always Drug Thing Year Zero Watersound Upstairs/Downstairs Superstooge Walking On The Water Nothing To Say The Alchemyst Suite: Little Lucid Moments Hogwash
10 May 2006
Rolling Stone - Milan, italy
Sideway Spiral III No Evil Hey, Jane Kill Devil Hills Triggerman In Our Tree Sail On The 29th Bulletin Bonny Lee Sancho Says Coalmine Pony Before The Flood Vanishing Point Neverland Walking On The Water Hyena Feel
02 Oct 2001
Rainbow Club - Milan, italy
Working For MCA All Is Loneliness The Slow Phaseout Go To California For Free Neverland As We Go Along When You’re Dead Bedroom Eyes Now It’s Time To Skate The Trane Instrumental The Nerve Tattoo Hey, Jane Drug Thing Walkin’ With J. Shakin’ All Over Trapdoor The Other Fool Whip That Ghost Painting The Night Unreal
02 Sep 2000
Lampugnano - Milan, italy
Upstairs/Downstairs Never Let You Out Whip That Ghost Un Chien D’Espace S.T.G. Hey, Jane The Nerve Tattoo Flick Of The Wrist The Other Fool Kill Some Day The One Who Went Away Vortex Surfer
08 Apr 2000
Binario Zero - Milan, italy
Heartbreaker High Time Never Let You Out Flick Of The Wrist The Other Fool Whip That Ghost Manmower Taifun All Is Loneliness Now It’s Time To Skate Big Surprise The Nerve Tattoo Hey, Jane Walkin’ With J. California Dreamin’ My Best Friend The Wheel Pills, Powders And Passion Plays
01 Feb 1996
“The Fridge” Record Store - Milan, italy
S.T.G. The Wheel The Matter With Her A Tussler Tune Mad Sun The Nerve Tattoo Greener Sinful, Wind-Borne Feel Samba Macintosh
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