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03 Oct 2019
Les Rotondes - Luxembourg, luxembourg
Ship Of Fools The Jig Is Up (Kiss The Snake) The Alchemyst Pills, Powders And Passion Plays The Crucible A Pacific Sonata Überwagner Or A Billion Bubbles In My Mind The Pilgrim Little jazzy thing Granny Takes A Trip Psychotzar No Evil Hey, Jane Spin, Spin, Spin Lux Aeterna The Tower
21 Apr 2018
Out Of The Crowd Festival - Esch-sur-Alzette, luxembourg
In Every Dream Home Bartok Of The Universe Starhammer Spin, Spin, Spin Manmower A Pacific Sonata Ship Of Fools Un Chien D’Espace The Tower
29 Apr 2012
Kulturfabrik - Esch-Sur-Alzette, luxembourg
Out Of The Woods The Hollow Lands Through The Veil Doldrums Into The Gyre Flotsam Oh Proteus A Prayer Sculls In Limbo La Lethe Oh Proteus A Lament Sharks Mutiny! Into The Mystic Gullible’s Travails Burn
21 Apr 2009
Den Atelier - Luxembourg, luxembourg
All Is Loneliness Cornucopia Coalmine Pony She Left On The Sun Ship Riding The Tiger Greener Suite: Little Lucid Moments Year Zero Taifun Plan #1 Heartattack Mac The Alchemyst Rattlesnake Shake Triggerman
14 Apr 2002
Kulturfabrik - Esch-sur-Alzette, luxembourg
On My Pillow The Skies Are Full Of Wine? Blindfolded For Free Custer’s Last Stand (One More Daemon) My Best Friend Serpentine Watersound Überwagner Or A Billion Bubbles In My Mind Mantrick Muffin Stomp Psychonaut The Other Fool Whip That Ghost Sideway Spiral III Upstairs/Downstairs The Slow Phaseout 577 I Believe To My Soul Painting The Night Unreal
09 May 1999
Kulturfabrik - Esch-sur-Alzette, luxembourg
Star Star Star Heartbreaker Hey, Jane S.T.G. Psychonaut Superstooge Whip That Ghost Wishing Well All Is Loneliness Walking On The Water High Time Black To Comm Un Chien D’Espace
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